Kiruna International Snow Sculpture Competition - Application Form 2025

We invite you to join us in beautiful Kiruna in Swedish Lapland for the 2025 edition of Kiruna International Snow Sculpture Competition!

Be shure to read the event overview below before applying

Application deadline: 15th of November 2024.

Teams will be notified by the end of November by the selection group if they have been accepted or not.
Questions? Email Alex at

Competition period

Wednesday, January 22, 2025, at 09.00 hours (09:00 am) through Saturday, January 25, 2025, at 12.00 hours (12:00 am). Sculptures will remain intact at the site until they melt down (weather permitting).

Teams arrive too Kiruna on Tuesday, January 21 and depart Sunday, January 26, 2025.

Admission committee

The teams will be selected by an admission committee. The application must contain the name of the team, a postal address, phone number and e-mail address to the team together with a sketch of the sculpture.

Required documents

  • Application form
  • Written explanation of the developed theme of the sculpture.
  • Drawing / Model of proposed sculpture (pdf, jpg, doc, max 20 mb)


The organizer reserves the right to publish photos and films of sculptures and artists.

Rules and regulations

Each team will be provided with a snow block the dimensions of 3.0 m. high x 3 m. wide x 3 m. deep (10’ high x 10’ wide x 10’ deep). The block of snow shall be used entirely and should be sculpted on all four sides in a satisfactory way. Sculptures may not be expanded in height or on any or all sides. Once again in the interests of artist excellence, teams will be allowed to use additional snow from around the event site.

The only materials allowed are snow, water, and ice. Ice must be used as an embellishment and not as a dominant part of the piece or as armature. All work must occur at the event site. A freezer or any mechanized cooling is not allowed. No colorants may be added, and no other materials may be used in the sculpture. No supports or armature may be used in, or on, the final sculpture.

Only hand tools can be used to construct the sculpture. No power tools (battery, gas or electric) are permitted. This prohibition includes mechanized measuring and leveling devices. Some basic tools are provided (saws, buckets, knives, shovels etc.), but all teams are advised to provide their own tools as well.

All sculpture designs must be original and may not have been sculpted at another competition.

Only the two (2) enrolled team members may work on sculpting the piece. Hosts may assist the team with everything but sculpting the block. They may move snow once it is no longer part of the original block. The host may not touch the sculpted block. In case of the withdrawal of a team member after work has begun, the team must continue and cannot add another person to the team unless the Executive Committee approves this addition.

Sculpting can only take place during designated sculpting hours and must occur at the event site.

Artists may not tie off or lean anything against any of the lighting towers- including tarps and tools.

Team composition

Competition will be limited to 6 – 8 teams. Each team will consist of two (2) persons. Only designated team members may assist with the sculpture. A change in registered team members is not possible without the approval of the Executive Committee.


Be sure to bring cold weather clothing (jackets, gloves, hats, socks, boots, etc.).


Jury’s Choice (prize 10 000: – SEK)

A jury will be selected by the Executive Committee and will judge based on the following:
Technical Skill – utilization of materials, excellence in execution and presentation.
Creativity – originality of design, spirit or message of the piece, form, rhythm and balance.
Expressive Impact – visual and aesthetic impact on the viewer.
Adherence to the Original Submission – faithfulness to the original design submission.

JURY OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – If an issue needs to be addressed regarding these rules – a jury consisting of the executive committee will make the final decision. Majority will rule.

People’s Choice (prize 5000: – SEK)

Ballots will be available to the viewing public to select their favorite sculpture.

Local hosts

A member of the festival staff will work as local contact and will help teams with things that are not related to carving. Also, two host from the local art community will be part of the festival as support for all artists.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided during your stay at the festival.


Lodging will be provided the whole stay.


Organizer will pay for air ticket Stockholm-Kiruna-Stockholm, accommodation, and meals in Kiruna during the period of the contest.

Kiruna Snow Festival will pay for the flight tickets Stockholm Arlanda – Kiruna and the return journey Kiruna – Stockholm Arlanda. Ground transportation to and from Kiruna Snow Festival will be provided. Lodging at a hotel near the event ground.

Travel Stipend

Teams can request a travel stipend to assist with travel costs from/to home country/state. To apply for stipend, you must provide the cost of your journey in the application. The travel stipend is not a guarantee and cannot be requested after the fact.


Each participant must have a personal insurance. The organizer is not responsible for any theft, loss, or any damage to the participant’s property. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any injuries to participants or in case of the participants death. Any infraction of the regulations by any team member will lead to disqualification.

Notes about Kiruna

• Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland.
• Kiruna is a small town. The population is 22.906 as of 2019.
• The Kiruna Icehotel has been built in Jukkasjärvi each winter since 1990 and is a major tourist attraction.
• In June 2010 the municipal council decided that the town would be moved eastwards, in the direction of Tuolluvaara, the moving of the town started in 2014 and the plan describes a process that continues to 2100.
• Archaeological findings have shown that the region around Kiruna has been inhabited for at least 6,000 years.

    Sculptor/team member #1

    Sculptor/team member #2

    Information about the sculpture and your team

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